Change canvas size

Create more mural space for your projects.


Sometimes our projects and brainstorms take up more space than we initially thought. To keep you from running off the page, we've enabled XL and XXL sized mural canvases to beautifully capture your hard work.


Here's how to change the size of your mural canvas:

  1. Enter the mural whose size you'd like to modify
  2. Select 'Mural settings' from the drop-down menu next to the mural name
  3. Select either 2x (18000 x 6000 pixels) or 3x (27000 x 6000 pixels)
  4. Click Save



**NOTE: Increasing the size of the mural may slow down the performance of the mural, because you'll be able to add more elements to a bigger canvas. We recommend not exceeding 1,000 elements on a mural.



Now you can keep your train of thought going without worrying about running out of canvas space. Happy creating!

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