Transfer ownership of content

Make sure what gets left behind lands in the right hands.


Whether you've decided you no longer need to access a particular workspace, or you're an admin who wants to remove a member from your workspace, you get to control the transition process.


You can ensure that murals you have created get passed down to the rightful heir, and you can elect to delete any private content no one else needs/wants to see.


If you want to leave a workspace:

  1. Go to the drop-down menu next to the workspace name, and select 'My Workspaces'.


  2. Find the workspace you want to leave, and click 'Leave' next to it.

  3.  You'll be prompted to transfer your content to another member of the workspace. 
    1. Enter the name of the intended recipient to transfer shared content.

**NOTE: any content not shared with anyone else will be automatically deleted.



If you are an admin, and want to remove someone from a workspace:

  1. Go to the workspace who's members you want to manage
  2. Click on the workspace name in the top left, and select 'Workspace Members' from the drop-down

  3. Find the member you want to remove, and click the trash can icon next to their user

  4. You'll be prompted to transfer their content to another workspace member (you will appear by default, but can always select someone else). 


**NOTE: if the user has content that was never shared with anyone, it will be automatically deleted, for privacy reasons.




Now you can facilitate faster content transfers, and ensure everything ends up in the right place!


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