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Add a framework on a mobile device
Add a framework on a mobile device
Add a framework to your canvas to add structure to your collaboration.
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Frameworks offer various forms of pre-built organization that you can add to an existing mural. Maybe you want to add a calendar but don’t want to build the calendar yourself. You can use a framework to do that—even in Mural’s mobile app.

To add a framework on a mobile device:

  1. Tap the + icon in the left-hand toolbar. If you’re on a tablet, skip to step 2.

  2. Tap the Frameworks icon.

  3. Search or use the category tabs to find a framework that fits your needs.

  4. Tap your chosen framework to add it to your mural.

  5. Drag the framework to position it on your mural.

Now you can place text, sticky notes, and other objects on your mural in a nice and organized way. You can change the font size, add a border, and more using the framework’s toolbar. You can also add frameworks to your mural’s outline so you can easily navigate back to them.

Tip: Lock frameworks to the background before inviting collaborators so no one moves them accidentally. To lock frameworks on a mobile device, select the framework and tap the three-dot menu. Then, tap Lock on the options menu.

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