Add a framework
Add a framework to your canvas to bring structure to your collaboration.
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A framework gives your mural a skeleton to which you can add the meat of your ideas. You can add a framework to an existing mural to help guide a part of your collaboration.

To add a framework:

  1. In your mural, click the Frameworks icon in the left-hand toolbar.

  2. Search or use the category tabs to find a framework that fits your needs.

  3. Drag your chosen framework onto your mural.

Now you can place text, sticky notes, and other objects on your mural in a nice and organized way. You can change the font size, add a border, and more using the framework’s toolbar. You can also add frameworks to your mural’s outline so you can easily navigate back to them.

Tip: Lock frameworks to the background before inviting collaborators so no one moves them accidentally. To lock a framework, right-click on the framework and select Lock from the context menu.

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