Crop an image
Trim away part of a digital image on your mural.
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Cropping enables you to trim off the outside of a digital image on your canvas. Cropping can be used to make an image smaller (in pixels) or to change the aspect ratio (length to width) of the image.

To crop an image in a mural:

  1. Select the image in your mural.

  2. Click the Crop icon in the formatting toolbar.

  3. Trim the image by dragging the sides and/or corners of the selection window.

    Note: Once you’ve found the desired crop size, you can move the selection window around the image to select only the content you want.

  4. Press Enter to crop the image.

Tip: Keep a consistent aspect ratio when adjusting the crop window by holding down the Shift key.

To make an adjustment to your cropped image, follow the same steps as above.

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