As a workspace administrator, you can determine how long guests maintain access to your workspace. On the Manage workspace page, you can set a period of time after which inactive guests lose access. Let’s say you want to automatically deactivate guests who haven’t accessed your workspace in 90 days. You can set that deactivation period here.

Note: Guest deactivation settings are retroactive, which means all guests in your workspace who have exceeded your defined inactivity period will lose access immediately as well as guests who exceed this period in the future.

To set an automatic guest deactivation period:

  1. From the Manage workspace page, select Automatically deactivate guests after a period of inactivity.

  2. Enter the Days of inactivity you want to allow before a guest is deactivated. By default, this is set to 14 days.

    Note: Enterprise customers may see a Recommended duration under this field. This recommendation is set by Enterprise company administrators and is just that: a recommendation. Your needs may vary, so enter the Days of inactivity that makes sense for your workspace.

  3. Click Save changes.

Now, guests who do not access your workspace for your specified number of days will lose access automatically. You can change the inactivity window at any time by repeating the steps above. If you need to restore a guest’s access at any time, view our Reactivate a guest article. Guests can request reactivation when attempting to open a mural they’ve lost access to. You can review these requests on the guest list for your workspace.

In some cases, the guest deactivation period might be set at a company level. If you’re unable to change this setting on the Manage workspace page, reach out to your company administrator or for assistance.

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