With Mural's add-on for Google Workspace, you can add a preview of your mural to a Google email message. When someone viewing your email clicks the mural preview, a direct link opens that mural in a new window.

To use this add-on, you must first install it. Check out our article on installing the Mural add-on for Google Workspace.

To insert a mural preview into your Google email:

  1. Create an email message.

  2. Click the Mural for Google Workspace icon at the bottom of your email window.

  3. Click Choose a mural.

  4. Select the workspace (and room, if applicable) where your mural lives.

  5. Click the thumbnail tile of the mural you want to insert. Or, click the plus (+) button to create a new mural.

  6. Click Insert into email.

A hyperlinked preview of your mural pops into your Gmail message! If you or the recipient clicks the image, the mural will open in a new window.

Check out Mural's Google Workspace article collection to see other ways you can use the Mural add-on for Google Workspace!

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