When you’ve designed an activity you want to repeat again and again, you can publish that mural as a template. Published templates act as a carbon copy of the original mural. Thus, anyone who creates a mural from that template will begin with the exact same content. Once you publish a template, only you can edit the template.

Note: If you added an outline to your original mural before making it a template, the outline will also appear automatically when someone opens the template. This includes any instructions in the outline.

To publish a mural as a template:

  1. Open a mural you want to publish as a template.

  2. Click the arrow next to your mural’s name.

  3. Select Publish as template.

  4. Type a template name and description in the Publish as template modal.

  5. Click Publish template.

You’ll see a confirmation message where you can click Go to the template to view your newly published template, or Keep editing to stay in the current mural.

Note: If you are on our Enterprise plan and have confidential rooms activated, you won’t be able to publish Confidential room murals as templates.

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