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Get an idea down by adding a sticky note.
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Sticky notes are an easy way to digitize ideas, and they’re super easy to add to your canvas. You can choose between square, rectangle, and circle sticky notes.

To add a sticky note:

  1. Click the sticky notes icon in the left sidebar.

  2. Select a sticky note shape.

  3. Click and drag the color sticky note you want onto your canvas.

Now, you can type or draw on your sticky note to spread your message to the world—or at least to your collaborators.

If you want to quickly add more sticky notes, you can double-click on your canvas and a new sticky note will appear. You can also double-click on an existing sticky note and hit the Tab key on your keyboard to add as many sticky notes as you want in a row.

To copy and paste a sticky note:

  1. Click to select the original sticky note.

  2. Press Control + C (Command + C on Mac) to copy.

  3. Press Control + V (Command + V on Mac) to paste.

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