By using MURAL on touchscreen displays, you can create a great and dynamic collaboration experience. You’ll also have more creative freedom if you’re using a stylus or digital pen! Below, we cover which touchscreen displays and devices MURAL is most compatible with.


Compatible displays and devices

The following displays and devices are compatible with MURAL:

You can view the technical requirements of MURAL here.

Note: Embedded service for MS Teams, Zoom Rooms and Webex Meetings will be available in 2022.


Here are some tips to keep in mind when using MURAL on a touchscreen device:

  • The MURAL app is compatible with the Microsoft Surface Hub. Learn how here.

  • Use MURAL on any Windows 10 / 11 based display with a supported Microsoft Edge browser (version 85 and above) or Google Chrome browser (version 85 and above).

  • We recommend using a stylus or digital pen with MURAL for easier drawing or writing on the screen.

  • After the session is over, make sure to log out of your personal MURAL account on the interactive display to allow the next user to securely sign in.

  • MURAL for Windows 10 allows you to generate a code so you can open murals on a touchscreen display.

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