Folders help room owners or room admins manage and organize murals within a room. With folders, you can make murals easier to find and share.

Folders are great for:

  • Reducing clutter to increase workspace efficiency.

  • Grouping related murals together to improve discoverability.

  • Shortening navigation time.

  • Encouraging more collaboration across an organization.



Folders are available to all paid plans. Folders can be created in open, private, and confidential rooms by the room owner or administrator.

What can room owners and administrators do with folders?

  • Create folders within a room.

  • Create sub-folders within a folder.

  • Move folders (and their contents) between rooms.

  • Rename and delete folders.

What can room members do with folders?

  • Browse the folder hierarchy, see where they are via breadcrumb, and easily back-navigate.

  • Drag and drop murals into a folder.

Folder hierarchy and security:

  • Rooms can hold up to three levels of folders, and each folder can hold up to 50 sub-folders.

  • Folder depth limit: Room> Folder A> Folder AA> Folder AAA (the ⨁ button to create a folder won’t be available within Folder AAA

  • Folders inherit the permissions of the room. Folders do not have their own security or privacy beyond room controls.

  • Partial members of a room (room members that are only invited to individual murals) will not be able to view the folder hierarchy.

Create folders

While viewing a room, click the ⨁ button next to the Folders header to add a folder. Set the name for the folder in the Folder name field. The ⨁ button only appears for room owners and administrators.

Rename a folder

Only the room owner or administrator can rename a folder.

To change the name of a folder:

  1. Click on the folder's drop-down and select Rename.

  2. Type the new folder name.

  3. Click the Rename button in the Rename Folder modal.

Move a mural to a folder.

There are several ways to move murals to a folder.

To move a mural to a folder:

  1. Drag and drop the mural to the folder.


  1. Click the dropdown arrow on a mural’s thumbnail.

  2. Select Move.

  3. Select the folder.

  4. Click the Move button.

Remove a mural from a folder

You can easily remove a mural from a folder. Doing so will not delete the mural.

To remove a mural from a folder:

  1. Click the dropdown arrow on a mural’s thumbnail.

  2. Select Move.

  3. Under Folder (Optional), select No Folder.

  4. Click the Move button.

Move a folder between rooms

You can also move a folder from one room to another.

To move a folder between rooms:

  1. Click the dropdown arrow on a folder’s thumbnail.

  2. Select Move.

  3. Under Folder (Optional), select No Folder.

Note: Putting a shared mural in a private folder won’t make the mural private — collaborators with whom this mural is shared will still be able to access it

Delete a folder

To delete a folder, you must be a room owner or administrator.

⚠️ Note: Deleting a folder will delete all of the murals within the folder. ⚠️

To delete a folder:

  1. Click the dropdown arrow on a mural’s thumbnail.

  2. Select Delete.

  3. Click the checkbox confirming the deletion.

  4. Click the Delete button.

Enjoy the ease of an organized workspace. Spend less time searching and more time collaborating!


  • When I move a mural to a folder, does the mural link change?
    No, it does not.

  • Can I duplicate a folder?
    No, this is not currently possible right now. We’re planning on building this capability in the future so that you can easily duplicate a folder and its contents.

  • Is there a way to archive a folder?
    No, at the moment, this functionality is not supported.

  • Can I share folders?
    No, but you can share particular murals or invite collaborators to the room where the folder is housed.

  • Can I create a link to a folder?
    No, this is not currently possible.

  • How do I create a mural inside a folder?
    Go to the folder and click Create mural on the left workspace toolbar.

  • Can I set specific share permissions for a folder?
    No, the folder inherits the same permissions as the room, so if a member has access to the room, they will have access to the folders and their contents in that room. You can simply share a mural without sharing access to that entire private or confidential room.

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