Exploring MURAL but need more time? When your free trial expires, you will see a pop-up message letting you choose your plan.

If you need more time you can select the Extend Trial button on the right hand side and get five days to explore MURAL.

Now you can enjoy a free forever version of MURAL with our Free plan. If you wish to switch from a free trial to a free plan, email support@mural.co


  • With the launch of MURAL’s Free Plan on Aug 17, 2021, new Free trial workspaces can not be created.

  • Those who are currently on a Free trial can switch to a paid plan or the MURAL Free plan.

  • MURAL's free plan does not include Private rooms and has a limitation of five editable murals.

  • If you wish to convert to a Free Plan from a free trial before converting to a free plan, you first must move your murals from private rooms to open rooms.

  • Only five of the most recent murals will be editable on the Free Plan, so it is of best practice to archive anything you do not wish to use before moving over as it will become read-only.

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