Integration Overview



Integration Overview

With the MURAL App for Zoom, you can share a digital canvas inside of a Zoom meeting so that all participants can collaborate visually in real time with sticky notes, drawings, diagrams, images, and more. Leverage MURAL’s Facilitation Superpowers™ and hundreds of pre-made meeting templates to get more out of your video meetings.

Seamless visual collaboration inside of Zoom

When everyone in a video meeting can contribute on equal footing, brainstorming, planning, retrospectives, design sprints, and client collaboration become a richer experience. Easily make presentations more interactive, get more out of customer interviews, run more productive distributed meetings, or make a large group activities more effective.

MURAL's intuitive yet powerful interface means you can confidently invite customers, executives, team members, and first time MURAL users to collaborate visually, making every Zoom meeting more impactful.


  • The MURAL App for Zoom must be enabled by the Zoom administrator.

  • For customers on the Enterprise Network plan, the MURAL App for Zoom needs to be enabled by the MURAL company administrator in the Company Dashboard.

  • For customers on Plus plans that use SSO, please contact MURAL support to enable.

  • To invite people to collaborate, you must have a MURAL account and an account with Zoom.

  • Currently, only the Zoom meeting host can share and invite other participants to open/install the MURAL App for Zoom.

  • Users must be signed in to Zoom when using the Zoom client to access Zoom Apps.

  • Users must use Zoom on the desktop client (version 5.7.3 or later).


MURAL Administrator Implementation Instructions

The MURAL administrator must enable the integration in the Integrations section of the Company Dashboard (Enterprise Network customers). Customer on Plus plans using SSO must contact MURAL support.

Zoom Administrator Implementation Instructions

For Business and Enterprise plans on Zoom, the Zoom administrator must enable Zoom Apps and the MURAL App for Zoom. The MURAL App for Zoom can be pre-approved for all or a subset of users or approved one-off as users request access. These steps are based on Zoom admin support documents. As they may change, please reference them for the latest and most comprehensive directions.

Enable Zoom Apps visibility

It is recommended that you enable the Zoom Apps button on the Zoom desktop client. There are also instructions for groups and individual users in Zoom support documentation.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an admin (must have edit account permissions).

  2. Go to Account Management in the navigation bar. Then choose Account Settings.

  3. Click Zoom Apps tab.

  4. Verify that Zoom Apps Quick Launch Button is enabled. This setting allows your users to see the Zoom Apps button.

Pre-approve the app in Zoom

You can pre-approve access to the MURAL App for Zoom, so users can seamlessly share MURAL with collaborators in your organization. Otherwise, users can request access that you'll need to approve.

Select users or groups who can access the app (optional)

After pre-approving the MURAL App for Zoom, you will have the option to choose specific users or groups that are able to install it.

MURAL App for Zoom End User Implementation Instructions

The end user for MURAL App for Zoom can install the app from Zoom Apps marketplace as well as from the desktop client. Further resources can be found in the MURAL App for Zoom support document as well as Zoom’s user guide for Zoom Apps.

How to install if the MURAL App for Zoom has been pre-approved

  1. Go to the MURAL App for Zoom on the Zoom App marketplace.

  2. Click to install.

  3. Authorize the app.

How to install if the MURAL App for Zoom has NOT been pre-approved

  1. Go to the MURAL App for Zoom on the Zoom App marketplace.

  2. Click "Request pre-approve." This will send you Zoom administrator an alert that you’d like to get approval to use the MURAL App for Zoom.

  3. Send administrator set up guide (recommended).



What data does the integration share between the apps?

MURAL obtains MeetingId, UserIds, ParticipantIds, and MURAL OAuth Tokens from Zoom for the purposes of the integration. Our app stores only the Zoom user's ID along with the OAuth access and refresh tokens associated with that ID. This is so we don't have to ask the Zoom user to log in every time they want to use the app. This data is deleted when the user uninstalls the app from Zoom. Other data elements are stored temporarily and deleted once the meeting ends.

What impact does this have on QEM measures?

Interactions in the MURAL App for Zoom count the same as they would on the web. You must be signed in to your MURAL account. If you are accessing the mural as a visitor, then interactions will not count towards your QEM measures.

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