Workspace dashboards

Company Administrators are available on plans in our Enterprise network, now they have an easy way of visualizing and managing workspaces through the company dashboard.

You can access your company dashboard by going to the lower left hand corner of your dashboard, selecting your avatar and choosing the “Company dashboard setting”

Once accessed, you will see a subsection on the left-hand menu that says Workspaces.

Clicking on this will allow you to see all available workspaces in your company and edit individual workspace settings from here.

As a company admin, now you have control over all of your companies workspaces in one place!

Company Admin Capabilities:

  • View, manage, and change settings of workspaces, without having to be a Workspace Admin.

  • Create new workspaces, access workspace settings and add or update Admins.

  • View all workspaces in a paginated list, in the Workspace Management dashboard.

  • View and manage workspace Admins, invite members, and guests into a workspace.

  • Invite visitors into a workspace using a link or email invitation.

  • View member and guest counts of a workspace.

  • View and modify workspace plan type.

  • View workspace end dates. To modify end dates, Company Admins must reach out to the MURAL Support or their ETM for this to be done by a Global Admin.

  • Remove a workspace with a soft delete, so it can be restored.

  • Create a new workspace and assign a different member as the workspace admin.

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