Using MURAL in Class Breakout Rooms
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Integrating MURAL into your breakout rooms is easy. Depending on how much work your students will be doing we suggest either creating spaces for breakout rooms in your mural or linking to individual murals for each breakout room.

For breakout activities in a single class session use the shapes or areas to block off different sections on a mural for each breakout group. Number or name them to assign different spots on a mural.

For ongoing collaborations where groups will be working together throughout a quarter or semester create a central class mural and then a breakout mural for each group. To create the breakout mural - first create one mural with any prompts or exercises needed. Then duplicate that mural for the number of breakouts you will need. You can link these duplicate murals on sticky notes or shapes on your central class mural so that the groups can navigate easily to them. (view the video above to learn how to link)

Note โ€” to help you stay organized we suggest making a room for the workshop or class where you can keep all the breakout room murals.

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