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FAQ: Collaborator roles and access
FAQ: Collaborator roles and access
Find answers to some frequently asked questions about collaborator roles and access.
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Collaborating in MURAL brings great minds and ideas together. But there are different roles and access levels based on collaborator types. In this article, you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on the topic.


What is a member?

A member is a workspace user with editing and ownership rights of multiple murals or rooms. Members typically belong to your core team as they need uninterrupted access to MURAL. Members can create rooms, murals, and invite others to collaborate. As such, a member has a MURAL profile and occupies a MURAL license as part of a MURAL plan.

I invited someone to my mural. Why are they counted as a member?

Whether someone is counted as a member or not depends on a few things, including:

  • How you invited them to collaborate.

  • The domain of their email address.

  • Your company settings.

MURAL’s share modal offers two options when inviting collaborators: the Members and guests tab and the Visitors tab. Understanding the differences between the two can help you understand why someone might be counted as a member.

Members and guests

Let’s say you invite a collaborator via the Members and guests tab. If the domain of the collaborator’s email is different than one used by your organization, they join your workspace as a guest. If their email uses a domain from your organization, they join as a member.

Keep in mind that one company can have several domains. So, a collaborator with a different domain than your own may still join as a member if their email is part of your company’s list of domains. To verify the list of domains used by your organization, reach out to

Note: Guests are not available for all plans. For more details on MURAL plan options, check out our pricing page.


Not all plans have visitors enabled with edit access. For the best collaborative experience, we recommend inviting collaborators as members. Or, on the Free plan, visitors can request access to the workspace and become a member.

The Visitors tab lets you create an invitation link you can use to quickly grant access to your workspace, room, or mural. Collaborators invited with the link found in the visitors tab can access your mural without signing in. But if the collaborator is already signed in with a company email, they join as a member of your mural. If the collaborator is signed in under a non-company email, they join as a visitor.

When creating an invite link, you have a few options for managing visitor permissions. Depending on your company’s settings, from the share modal, you can:

  • Allow edit or view-only permissions.

  • Set a password for those using the invite link.

  • Set an expiration date for the invite link.

In order to edit and collaborate in a mural on the Free plan, visitors can request access from the mural owner by entering their name and email. Once the mural owner grants permission, the visitor is invited to sign up and become a member, and then can collaborate in the mural freely.

For more information on visitor links, read our article on inviting visitors to collaborate.

Why would I invite someone as a member or guest instead of using a visitor link?

Visitor links are great for short-term collaboration. A visitor can only access the mural that they received a link to, and you can set how long this link is valid for. Visitors don’t have access to a dashboard, which means they can’t access anything else in your workspace unless explicitly invited.

Inviting collaborators as members or guests is best for collaborators that will be with you longer or will access MURAL more regularly. Being a member or guest makes it easier for a collaborator to work on other murals or create their own, which is helpful if they are someone on your team or in your company.

How do I generate a visitor link?

To generate a visitor link, first click the pink Share button in the top right-hand corner of a mural. From the Visitors tab, you can set visitor permissions, add password protection, and set an expiration date for the link. For more information on visitor links, read our article on inviting visitors to collaborate.

How do I remove visitors from my mural?

When creating a visitor link, you can set an expiration date so visitors automatically lose access. But if you need to manually remove visitors from your mural, you can do so by resetting the link in the share modal of your mural.

Keep in mind that resetting a visitor link revokes access for every visitor of a mural. Any collaborator that follows the previous visitor link can no longer access this mural. To grant visitors access again, you’ll need to share a new visitor link with them.

How do I remove a member from my workspace?

You can manage the members in your workspace from the workspace settings page. Click your workspace name in the top left-hand corner of the dashboard. Then, click Workspace members. Click the trash icon next to any members you want to remove.

For more information on managing workspace members, check out our article on inviting and removing members in a workspace.

Can guests be facilitators?

Guest facilitators are currently available to Enterprise plan customers only. For more information, read our guest facilitators article.

How do I convert guests to members?

Depending on your plan, you may be able to convert guests to members. For example, most Enterprise plan customers can only invite collaborators with external domains as guests and collaborators with internal domains as members. If, for some reason, you need someone with an external domain to become a member, you can do that. For more information, view our switching user types article.

How do I convert members to guests?

Depending on your plan, you may be able to convert members to guests. For more information, view our switching user types article.

Note: Only external members who don’t have your organization’s email domain can be converted.

How do I transfer ownership of a mural?

The best way to transfer ownership of a single mural is to request your teammate duplicate the mural. Your teammate will then be the owner of that duplicated mural.

If you want to transfer ownership of multiple murals, make that teammate a room admin of the room where the murals are located. By becoming a room admin, they will also become co-owner of all the murals in that room.

Can guests or visitors create new murals?

No. Only workspace members can create new murals. For more details on the different capabilities based on collaborator type, see our collaborators in MURAL article.

Why can't I invite new members to a workspace?

Some workspace admins may disable the ability for members to invite certain collaborators to the workspace. In these cases, only the workspace admin can invite new members. If you find yourself unable to invite new members, contact your workspace admin or

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