Diagramming and Mapping with MURAL

MURAL makes diagramming and mapping intuitive, quick, and collaborative. Easily create polished, professional diagrams and maps as a stand alone resource or as part of a broader, collaborative project.

Enable Connector Points

Create a diagram or map at the speed of thought by enabling connector points.

You can enable connector points in the Shapes and Connectors area in the left sidebar in a mural. Once toggled on, any object you select will show its connector points. When you hover over the connector points, you’ll see a preview of the next object. Simply click to connect the objects together.

Sometimes, MURAL will recommend a connection to a nearby object. Click to create the connection. Or, click and drag the connector to create the desired line to your next desired object.

If you click and drag from one of the connector points, you can connect to a nearby object, or create a new object after releasing the connector point.

Draw a Connector with the “C” Key Shortcut

You can easily add connectors to objects using the “C” key shortcut. Press and hold the “C” key, then click to create a new connector, or click and drag to create a line fitting your exact needs. Then you can choose which type of object to add at the end of the connector.

Pro tip: double click on any connector tip to create an object connected to that line or arrow!

Create hierarchies and more with elbow connectors

You can quickly create hierarchies in a diagram with the use of elbow connectors (also known as orthogonal connectors). When you add new connectors to an object, the new connectors will be the same type as previously added connectors. You can switch between straight, curved, and elbow connectors by selecting a connector and choosing a new type from the object toolbar.

To create a hierarchy when connector points are enabled, simply go back to the first object and click on the connector point. A new object with an elbow connector will be added to the first object.

Learn more about connectors, lines, and arrows here.

Add labels to connectors

Easily add text to a connector in your diagrams, flowcharts, and maps. Simply double click on the line or choose the “+T” symbol from the connector’s toolbar, then type your text. Change the text size, font, color, and formatting from the toolbar. You can reposition the text by sliding to the desired location on the line or move it above or below the line. Read more.

Bulk edit objects with filter by type

You can quickly edit objects in bulk by selecting a group of objects and then choosing "filter by type" in the pop-up toolbar. From there, you can choose to filter your selection down to a certain type of object, like connectors. For example, you could use this feature to edit all of the connectors in your selection at once, and change them all from solid to dotted lines or vice versa.

Quickly switch between different shapes, sticky notes, and text boxes

Select one or a group of the same objects and you can switch the objects to others from the toolbar.

Check out the various templates available at mural.co/templates for more ways to use diagrams and maps in MURAL!

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