File Type Restrictions is a security feature that allows company admins to manage which file types can or cannot be uploaded to their company murals via a configuration tool in the company dashboard. This enables collaborators to comply with company privacy policies and avoid cyber security risk.

There are two options for restricting file types:

  • Choose “Restrict selected types”: Company administrators can restrict certain types of files from being uploaded to a mural.

  • Choose “Allow selected types”: Company administrators can restrict all file types being uploaded except those they’ve explicitly allowed.


  • MURAL uses a comprehensive file type (MIME types) list from You can only access this feature if you are a company

  • Company admins are assigned at the beginning of the Enterprise relationship with MURAL

Here’s how to access:

  1. In your MURAL dashboard, on the lower left corner next to your name and avatar, click on the arrow revealing the User options and select Company dashboard

  2. Click on File Restrictions found on the left hand side of the dashboard under the Security section

3. Check or uncheck the box to enable the File Restrictions feature in your company murals.

4. When the setting is enabled, company admins will be able to decide how they restrict file uploads - by allowing or restricting certain MIME Types.

5. By default, the single setting to restrict uploads of specific MIME types should be turned off.

6. The company admin will need to add the MIME Types to be restricted or allowed and whether or not users can upload unknown types.

7. To add the MIME types, use the search bar and drop down menu under Block selected types. By default, Block selected types will be selected.

8. To allow file types, use the search bar and drop down menu under Allow selected types.

9. To allow users to upload file types that are not recognized by our microservice, select Allow users to upload unrecognized file types. This setting will not exclude the allow or block one.

10. Once the desired configuration is complete, changes will need to be saved and the settings will be applied immediately to all company murals.

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