MURAL Embed enables mural creators to display a view-only mural that anyone can look at and move around in. They don't even have to use the MURAL app or website.


  • You must have a MURAL account.

  • You need to own the mural board you wish to enable embedding on.

  • You must have access to an external service that supports <iframe /> content, like Confluence, JIRA, Blogs, or web pages.

  • Your workspace must have mural embedding enabled in the workspace settings.

Here's how to enable embedding:

  1. Open up the mural from the dashboard.

  2. Click the Share button on the upper right corner.

  3. Click Embed.

  4. Click the Enable Embedding Button.

  5. You will now be able to embed the mural board using the link provided or iframe snippet.

    6. To disable, click Disable the embed link to revoke access.

Embedded murals look like this:


  • Mural content is loaded when the page is loaded. Any elements added to the mural canvas after someone starts to view the embed will not automatically update until the webpage is refreshed.

  • Anyone who has access to the page where the mural is embedded can see the view-only version, whether they are a member of your workspace or not.

  • In order for a viewer to open the embed in a MURAL app (or web app), they need an account and to be a member of that mural.

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