There is no direct way to move templates between workspaces, yet. However, you can do so by following these instructions.

In order to move a template from one workspace to another, you would first have published the template as a mural (if you have not done so already).

Here's how to create a mural from a template:

  1. Create a new mural normally and pick a template from one of the template categories in the drop-down menu...


  1. Enter the ‘Templates’ section and select your desired template. Upon hovering over each thumbnail, a note will appear detailing what the templated can be used for.

  2. Once find your desired template, select 'New mural from template' from the dropdown menu in top right of the thumbnail of the template you would like to use.

  3. You'll also be able to choose the room in which to create the template.

Once you have created a mural from the template, you will then have to move that mural to the desired workspace.

Here's how to move a mural:

  1. From your overview of murals (the MURAL dashboard), click on the arrow in the upper right of the thumbnail of the mural you want to move

  2. Select 'Move'

  3. Choose the workspace and room you want to move it to

  4. Click on the "Move mural" button, and you'll be taken to the room of its new location.

If the mural doesn't appear directly in the new room, try refreshing your browser.

**Note: You must be the mural owner or a room admin in order to move a mural. The same email must also be a part of both workspaces.

Once the mural is successfully in your workspace, in order for it to be saved to the template library, it would have to be published a as template.

Here's how to publish a mural as a template:

To publish a template:

  1. Enter a mural you’d like to publish as a template.

  2. Open the dropdown menu to the right of the mural name or next to the pink share button.

  3. Click the “Publish as template” option


And now your template is a part of a new workspace!

With templates, your whole team will be able to complete the same activities, promoting a structured and consistent process. Feel confident that everyone is starting from the same point.

You can also see these templates in action on our blog, at

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