Visual collaboration through the MURAL Zoom app will make it easier for distributed teams to engage, create, and collaborate during Zoom meetings. Zoom meetings become more productive and engaging while improving alignment and clarity for your team.

*Note: This integration is currently in beta and being actively improved. If you’re not in the beta program, please contact your Zoom point of contact to request access.

Below are the instructions for using the beta version of the MURAL app for Zoom. We welcome your feedback and questions.

The MURAL app for Zoom makes it dead simple for anyone in the meeting to contribute to the conversation. Anyone on the call can add sticky notes to a mural using the MURAL contributor window inside of Zoom.

How to use the MURAL app for Zoom

Just like the MURAL web app, there are two types of participants when using the MURAL app for Zoom: the facilitator and collaborators.

After you (the facilitator) starts a collaboration session in the MURAL app for Zoom, your attendees can easily send sticky notes to the mural through the MURAL contributor window inside of Zoom. Anyone can participate if visitor links are enabled.

While collaborators are adding sticky notes, you will simply share screen and leverage the full suite of visual thinking and collaboration tools from the web app to lead the conversation.

How to start a collaboration session with the MURAL app for Zoom

The person leading the meeting will open the MURAL app for Zoom and follow these 5 steps to get started:

1. Sign in (the facilitator must have a paid or free trial account) and click “share a mural.”

2. Using the drop down menus, select a mural to use in the Zoom meeting.

3. The mural you select must have at least one Area in it. If it doesn’t have one, the MURAL app for Zoom will create one for you. Simply input the name. If an Area already exists you can skip this step.

4. Send invite. This invites all meeting attendees to access the MURAL app for Zoom and open the contributor window in the sidebar of the Zoom meeting.

5. Share your screen with the mural you chose open in the web app.

How to use the contributor window in the MURAL app for Zoom

After the facilitator shares the MURAL app for Zoom, meeting attendees can add sticky notes to the mural. Here’s how:

1. Meeting attendees will receive an alert from MURAL inside of the Zoom meeting.

2. After clicking on the invite, you can either enter your name as a visitor or sign in (if visitors are enabled).

3. Meeting attendees will see the various Areas in the mural where they can add sticky notes. Click on one of the Areas to get started.

4. Type a sticky note and send it to the mural!

If you have any further questions, please contact

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