Installing the MURAL app from the Atlassian Marketplace

End user set up

Disconnecting the integration

Connect without installing the MURAL app for Jira instance

Make the most out of Jira with the new MURAL for Jira Cloud integration!

Setting up the integration is easy!

For MURAL customers on the Enterprise plan, the Jira integration must be enabled in the Company Dashboard by the MURAL admin. For all other plans, you can skip this step.

There are two simple steps to set up the MURAL integration with Jira Cloud.

  1. The Jira admin must install the MURAL app from the Atlassian Marketplace for each Jira instance. MURAL can support integrations with multiple instances.

  2. Each individual MURAL participant will need to enable the integration inside of MURAL using their Jira login credentials.

Installing the MURAL app from the Atlassian Marketplace

  1. Navigate to the MURAL app in the Atlassian Marketplace. Ensure you're signed into your Atlassian account.

  2. Click on "Get it now"

  3. Select the Jira Cloud instance you would like to connect to the MURAL app

Now you should see the MURAL for Jira Cloud app within your installed apps:

End user set up

For end users to start using the integration, they just need to connect their MURAL account to Jira. There are three ways to enable it:

  1. Click on the Apps option inside of Jira, choose MURAL, and connect their account.

  2. Click on "connect" in the MURAL integrations page. Follow the step-by-step guide to authenticate.

  3. Import or export Jira issues from a mural. This will prompt the user to authenticate if they have not.

When the user has authenticated properly, the integration will show as Connected in the integrations dashboard in MURAL.

Disconnecting the integration

If you wish to disconnect, simply hover over the integration and select the three dot menu icon. A pop-up menu will appear and here you select disconnect.

Trying to connect without installing the MURAL app in the Jira instance

If you wish to connect to the Jira instance from the integrations dashboard and it has not been connected, you will receive the following message:

If the app is already installed you will be redirected to the authentication screen in Jira:

For more information on the integration, check out the article Using MURAL for Jira Cloud.

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