Note: Not all plans have visitors enabled with edit access. For the best collaborative experience, we recommend inviting collaborators as members. Or, on the Free plan, visitors can request access to the workspace and become a member.

Visitors are individuals outside of your workspace who are invited to collaborate in a mural using a shared link. Visitors on Team+, Business, and Enterprise plans don’t need to have a MURAL account to collaborate.

When accessing a mural using a visitor link, visitors are prompted to enter their names. Visitors then appear in the mural with their names on their cursor and over their avatar. Entering their name is optional, though. If a visitor chooses, they can instead be represented anonymously as a “visiting animal.” For example, a visitor who doesn’t provide their name could show on your mural as "Visiting Shark" or "Visiting Elephant".

Non-Enterprise visitors entering a mural are also prompted to enter their email, but this is also optional. Visitors who choose to enter their email address receive an email containing the link back to this mural so they don’t lose or misplace important work.

Visitors who join with editing permissions will be able to collaborate in a mural just like they would if they were a member. Those who join with a view-only link will not be able to edit, but they can see changes in real-time. They can also follow other collaborators or request to be followed themselves. Visitors on Free plans have view-only access to murals they’re invited to but can request edit access from the mural owner to become a member and edit.

For more information, check out the article Invite visitors to collaborate.

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