Looking for a quick and easy way to call participants on the fly? With Quick Talk powered by Dolby.io, you can now call your teammates from directly in MURAL so you can:

  • Connect with team members and clients when you’re on the go and quickly need to chat during a collaborative session

  • Jump on calls with collaborators during unplanned brainstorms

  • Enhance your MURAL sessions by integrating visual collaboration and voice calls in one platform

    Here's how:

    1. Click on the 📞 icon next to the avatar pictures at the bottom of the mural canvas.
    2. Click “start” to kick off your call.

3. If a call is already in session, click ‘join’ at the top of the mural.

To mute and unmute yourself throughout your call, click on the microphone icon on the floating menu bar at the top of the screen. Leave your call, by clicking on the red “leave” button on the floating menu bar at the top.

And voila! Now you can feel closer than ever to your teammates without ever having to leave the app. For optimal performance, make sure to hold calls with no more than 20 participants. Visitors can not initiate calls with Quick-Talk.

Turning off Quick-Talk:

  1. Go to Manage Workspace on the top-left dropdown menu

  2. Under User permissions uncheck the setting titled "Allow users to make calls using Quick-Talk"

* Note: All calls held on Quick Talk are fully encrypted, uphold enterprise-grade call security, and are routed through a Data Transport Layer Security (DTLS) connection to provide an additional measure of security. Call data is not stored and if you are a part of our Enterprise plan, you can have Quick-Talk disabled for the entire company using your company dashboard.

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