Did you know that Mural has an abundance of built-in learning content, all a few clicks away? Check out Mural's Learning Center, available directly in your Mural dashboard.

Click Learning in the top right of your dashboard to hop right in!

Learn Mural

In the Learn Mural section, dip your toes into over 75 super quick lessons—most under 3 minutes—showing you how to do everything with Mural! These coffee-break-sized tutorials take you all the way from the very basics (how to get started) to more advanced stuff, like creating your own templates and integrating Mural with your favorite work apps.

Collaboration guides

For the more business-minded amongst you, we've got more than 60 in-depth lessons called Collaboration guides. These range from 3 minutes to over an hour, depending on how deep you want to go. This team-aligned content covers everything from Strategy and Planning to Alignment and Coordination. If you're serious about learning great ways to improve your team's methodologies, we've got hour-long deep dives on subjects like Designing and Prototyping, and Learning and Development.

(Want to boost energy in online meetings? Laïla and Emilia have got your back!)

Kickstart your Mural skills

All in all, the new Learning Center has over 120 videos (17+ hours) of lessons, tips, and strategies, from quick bites to deep dives. And it's all TOTALLY FREE with your Mural subscription.

Check out the Mural Learning Center today!

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