Why MURAL for Education?

Create a visual and adaptive approach to teaching by utilizing pictures and videos alongside text in the mural.

The class workspace dashboard houses resources everyone can access from anywhere.

Use pre-loaded templates or build your own to align with your curriculum.

Engage in progress monitoring as well as final evaluation so students feel like you’re with them every step of the way.

What Can I Use it For?

Common Use Cases Include:

  • Lesson Planning

  • Lectures and Presentations

  • Live Note-taking

  • In-class working sessions

  • Professional Development (PD) working sessions

  • Assigning and monitoring group projects

How can I use it effectively?

  • Arrange topics as mind maps to foster organization and understanding

  • Save space for class feedback to be added in real time

  • Use areas to section off distinct topics to make it easier to follow along

  • Encourage students to contribute by adding sticky notes, comments, and images

  • Use Presentation Mode to allow for easily followable lessons

Am I Eligible?

Staff who are employed by the institution but are not working directly with students are eligible for 50% off their subscription cost

Principals and teachers are eligible for a free workspace for 1 year (renewable on this date)

The workspace includes 10 memberships and 25 guests

Education for the Future

MURAL encourages human-centered design principles, and has templates and frameworks available to keep people at the heart of your work. Arm students with this knowledge and experience, giving them a competitive advantage going forward.

Remote work and digital fluency skills are necessary for students to have. Working with MURAL will help acclimate students to this new environment, taking their knowledge beyond that of just basic computer applications.

1 .How to Prepare Your Workspace

Educators should reach out to MURAL to set up the workspace in lieu of individual students. Email us at support@mural.co

Invite students to rooms or murals once the workspace is set up

Add a photo that represents your institution as the workspace avatar.

Create private rooms for each class, especially if managing multiple classes

2. How to Manage your Workspace

Invite students as members, guests to their class’s room. This helps keep different classes’ work separate and organized, as well as protects and private content

Publish murals as templates to quickly re-use murals over and over again. This would be helpful for any lesson you know you’re going to teach more than once.

Archive murals from previous years to keep the dashboard clean (and encourage students to do this as well).

3. How to Manage Your Users

There are three ways to invite collaborators to your workspace

  • Member

  • Guest

  • Visitor

They all have different permissions in the workspace:

Keep your 10 member seats for others who may need regular and unlimited access (partner teachers, school staff, teaching assistants).

Use the anonymous link to share the singular mural with one-time collaborators (e.g. research participants, another colleague for a second pair of eyes, etc.)

For more info, visit: https://learning.mural.co/courses/teaching-with-mural

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