When do I use an Operations Dashboard?

Use an Operations Dashboard when you want to when you want to track what your team is working on, turnover through shifts within your team and communicate day-today basic needs. Luckily, we have a template for this in MURAL.

How do I use it?

This guide will show you:

  • Where to find and duplicate the template to share information across your team

  • How to edit the sections and activities for your team’s operations

What’s the first thing I should do?

1. Find the template: Go to your MURAL dashboard and click on the ‘Templates’ section on the left.

Choose ‘Operations Dashboard’ from the tiles list of murals

2. Duplicate the template: Click on the ‘Create mural from template’ at the top right

Select the room where you want to save the mural, then click on the ‘Create mural’ button

3. Add a title: Rename your mural in the “Untitled mural” area at the top left

4. Navigation: zoom, scroll, move

Mouse over to the lower right corner of your mural. Click on the bar that says ‘Zoom Settings’ to set-up your navigation in MURAL.

Practice zooming in and out, moving from top to bottom and left to right.

Learn more about navigation here.

5. Add a sticky note: share your thoughts

Learn more here.

Using the Dashboard

Here are some ideas on how to use the main sections:


Add pics of the team and link to their company profiles if they have one.

Leadership Board

Creating a social contract is a good practice to create buy-in among your team. Filling out the leadership board in MURAL will give you consistent access to important information.

To do

This is where you can make notes of important activities and tickets/changes to follow up or turnover the next shift.


Everyone is invited to share feedback on your work

Message Board

Use the message board daily or weekly to leave each other relevant information and reminders for your team.

Useful links

Gather all the links you use regularly so you have easy access and save a great deal of time.

If you have any questions..

  1. Contact us! support@mural.co

  2. Join our weekly demos! Every Thursday, 12 noon EST, register at https://mural.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_VdXq6GPIQpWECtfkNCLk1w

  3. Visit our HelpCenter here

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