What are Templates?

A template is a master copy of a method or an exercise. Anyone in your team can create murals from templates.

With templates you can:

  • Scale your design practice

  • Create a reusable play

Template Examples

Browse existing templates for ideas on activities and content

Using and Creating Templates

To use a template: Find the template you’d like, click on the dropdown arrow, and select “New mural from template.”

To publish a mural as a template: Click on the export button in the upper right hand corner and select “Publish as a template.”

For more info, visit here.

Before you start… understand the setting


  • How big is the team that will use this template?

  • Does the team know each other?

  • Will they interact in real time or asynchronously?

  • Is the team experienced with remote collaboration?

  • Have they used MURAL before?

  • What tools besides MURAL are needed to collaborate?


1. Determine Your Activities

Provide context:

Lay out the basic building blocks:

Add instructions and examples to complete the exercises

2. Plan & Arrange The Mural

Plan the space needed for each exercise. Create different sections to guide your team through the activities.

PRO TIP! Think about how many sticky notes your participants might add while preparing your mural.

Copy the formatting of the guide for creating templates. Add instructions for the participants and facilitator.

Start with one mural. To increase the size of the mural, select ‘Mural Settings’ in the drop-down menu at the top. Then choose your mural size.

3. Guide Participants

Number each step and use arrows so participants know how to move from one exercise

Core Functional Job

  • Brainstorm possible jobs to be done

  • Use Affinity Clusters to group ideas

  • Vote on core jobs to be done

Use color and add sample content to guide participants:

Add areas to organize. To create an area, select various elements and right-click, then choose ‘Organize into Area’ and give it a title.

4. Update and Manage Templates

Test the template before publishing. Go through the steps with a

colleague and ask them for feedback.

Lock the background elements down so they don’t get moved accidentally. You’ll be able to unlock them in the murals created from the template.

Give your template a name and keep the original in a separate room. Let others know to copy templates before using them.

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