What is MURAL?

MURAL is a visual workspace that helps you collaborate together on shared whiteboards. Everything is automatically saved in the cloud securely.

Why Should I Use MURAL?

Help your team scale innovation by:

  • Collaborating in the cloud: anytime, anywhere

  • Making use of expert templates and frameworks available

  • Visually organizing, analyzing, and iterating your ideas

  • Hosting real time, anonymous voting sessions

  • Sketching, importing content and mapping journeys

How do others use MURAL?

People use MURAL for all kinds of team activities, including:

How is MURAL organized?

Before you start… understand MURAL’s structure:

Here are the various user types:

Members can own and access as much content as they want as long as it’s within the permissions assigned by an administrator or mural owner.

Learn more: Invite collaborators to your workspace

*Best for those on your core team.

Guests are customers or partners outside of your company domain that is invited to collaborate on a project with you.

Guests CANNOT:
*invite others

*create or manage rooms

*create, duplicate, or export murals

*publish templates

*push murals to the Surface Hub

Learn more: Invite guests to a room or mural

*Best for partners, customers, and employees outside of your core team.

Visitors: Anonymous Users will enter your mural without logging in.

They CANNOT see or create any murals or rooms.

Best for one-time collaborators or research participants.

Learn more: Invite others to collaborate anonymously

*Best for one-time collaborators or research participants.

What’s the first thing I should do?

Create a new mural to start a project

Choose to start from a pre-made activity template or just start from a blank canvas

Learn more: Creating a new mural

Navigation: zoom, scroll, move

Mouse over to the lower-right corner of your mural. Click on the bar that says ‘Zoom Settings’ to set up your navigation in MURAL. Practice zooming in and out, and moving from top to bottom and left to right.

Learn more: Navigating a mural zooming and scrolling

Add a sticky note and share your thoughts

Learn more: Add sticky notes

Add an image and visualize your ideas

Learn more: Add images to a mural

Do an activity and try several in the same mural

Plan a meeting and take notes:

Organize your work with the wall of work framework

Drag the framework out from the left hand toolbar and then add your sticky notes on top of it.

How can I get started?

Use MURAL to collaborate and organize your work.

Add a profile picture! This is good for:

  • Recognizing colleagues in meeting

  • Building your own digital brand

  • Embrace your organization’s culture and diversity

Share a mural: invite more collaborators

Exercises for your team regardless of experience level

CRAWL - “I’m brand new!”

A few users have played around a bit and now want to introduce the tool to others

WALK - “I’m starting to get it”

We’re starting to get the hang of it, what is something else we can do as a team

RUN - “I’ve got the hang of it”

The entire team is brought into using MURAL, what does an effectively run team on MURAL look like

SPRINT - “I want more!”

Give us everything! We are mural gurus.

I have a question!

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