What is brainstorming?

Brainstorming is a process where ideas are thrown around in a purposeful way - it’s a team-based method of rapid idea generation.

Why brainstorm online?

Remote ideation allows teams to find new ideas with a variety of people who can diversify concepts and enrich the final outcome.

Template for Brainstorming

Use the ideation template when you have defined the problem you’re trying to solve and you’re ready to start exploring solutions. Watch this video about collaborating in MURAL.

Tool tips

  • Draw: Visualizing an idea can help you better understand it. Use MURAL’s drawing tool in the left toolbar.

  • Follow: Hover over the avatars to follow others and present. The facilitator of the mural can summon everyone to help focus attention.

  • Timer: Keep track of time as you’re facilitating by timeboxing activities in a mural. Click on the timer icon at the top of the screen.

  • Music: Play music during heads down time. Broadcast music on your smartphone using your computer mic.

For more info about tools, visit here.


  1. Get a team together that is willing to collaborate online

  2. Define the problem you’re going to solve

  3. Research the topic you’re looking into asynchronously before starting


Go wild! - think beyond constraints, imagine the impossible.

Build on ideas - add onto other people's ideas instead of rejecting them

Keep it short - Give people a limited amount of time to brainstorm. Use the Timer in MURAL

Stay focused - Remove distractions, turn off notifications, and have a moderator to guide the group

Take turns - Take turns discussing your ideas, mute your microphone and listen when it's not your turn

Diverge & Converge - Come up with as many ideas as possible, then eliminate those that don't fit your goals. Try dot voting


Worst Possible idea

Come up with as many terrible idea sticky notes as possible, then flip them around - bad ideas can bring to light better ideas!


How would you react if you were a different person? Change roles and use different attributes to imagine how you would behave


Choose an image or object from our image search. Write the first attributes that come to mind. Apply those characteristics to solve your problem.


Groupthink is a dangerous side effect of brainstorming. People are more likely to make similar decisions in a group that they normally wouldn’t make. This discourages creativity and individual responsibility.

1. Ideate individually before sharing

2. Use the follow me feature to review and share all ideas

3. Avoid sharing judgement until after the ideation


Take turns explaining the ideas on sticky notes. Organize similar ideas into areas.

Prioritize Ideas with the bullseye framework.

Vote for the best ideas: start a voting session from the upper toolbar. Share the results and work to improve the top idea

What’s next?

Share your ideas! Click on the “SHARE” button on the upper toolbar to invite people to the mural or send them an invitation link.

Set up an experiment and test the idea you choose. Ask people for feedback so you can improve it.


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