You can be a visual learner and work alongside your fellow students and teachers. MURAL helps you see both the big picture and the details all at once.

What can I use it for?

  • Managing individual work

  • Note-taking

  • Team collaboration on projects and assignments

  • Project presentations

  • Visual learning

  • Research and data collection

Education for the Future

Digital fluency is something that is necessary for students to have nowadays. Working with MURAL will help you get used to this new environment. You’ll be taking your knowledge beyond that of basic computer applications.

Am I Eligible?

Enrolled students are eligible for a free workspace for 1 year (renewable upon this date). The workspace includes 10 members and 25 guests.

Those who are taking a class to develop a skill or continuing learning through a platform like Coursera or Udemy are eligible for 50% off their subscription

How to Prepare your Workspace

Invite other classmates to work with you

Use your member seats for people who need frequent access. Use guest seats for people who will only need limited access.

Create private rooms for each project

(Especially if you are managing multiple projects)

If you’re using MURAL outside of a class requirement, reach out to us to set up your workspace. Email us at support@mural.co

Group Work

Using comments to collaborate is a great strategy for when you’re reviewing a draft, and you don’t want to directly edit the content. You can also use it to add a note for yourself later.

Use ‘follow’ and ‘summon’ while working together in real time.

This is helpful if your group can’t get together face-to-face to meet, and you want to show someone a particular part of the project.

Dot voting can help you decide on ideas.

It’s a quick, anonymous way to narrow down a group of brainstormed ideas

Improve Understanding

Creating mind maps of your learnings can help to connect the dots and see the big picture

Use multimedia to your advantage. You can bring in images, videos, GIFs, external files, and links to enrich your murals

Frameworks can help you organize your ideas. Calendars and grids are particularly useful for project planning.

Present Your Content

Add areas to organize and keep related content together.

Use the outline to navigate among the areas.

This will help set you up for a solid presentation.

Presentation mode can help when you need to present your finished project to your class or professor.

Best Practices

  • Set up a mural as a dashboard for your courses or projects where you can link to different files

  • Gather and organize research

  • Share notes with your classmates

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