MURAL is a HTML5 web application that works in your browser. If you are having trouble connecting to MURAL see the steps below for potential solutions.

1. Use the Right Browser

MURAL works best in Google Chrome (v51 and above), Firefox (v46 and above), and the most recent version of Microsoft Edge.

MURAL's performance and responsiveness in other browsers is not as good as with the above list. For more details on browsers see here.

ˆ*Note: MURAL is not available on Internet Explorer.

2. Make sure WebSockets are enabled

If you get a constant reconnecting message, check this link to see if WebSockets are enabled for you.

MURAL needs to have a connection between our real-time servers and our users' apps and browsers in order for real-time collaboration to work. To do this we use the WebSockets protocol.

If your WebSockets are not enabled, please reach out to your IT team. They can follow these instructions to allow your team to use MURAL:

1) Allow WebSockets and secure WebSockets (on

2) Don't manipulate headers or user agent internally on IDS/IPS

3) Don't filter protocol update answers

3. Whitelist MURAL's IP Addresses

If you cannot access MURAL at all you will have to ask your IT to whitelist the below IP addresses.

Now, you can collaborate as efficiently as ever!

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