As part of an Enterprise Network plan, company members can collaborate across a network of workspaces. Billing groups allows you to allocate members to different groups for budgeting and cost tracking -- regardless of what workspace they are collaborating in.

What is a Billing Group?

A billing group is an entity at the company level. Company Administrators can use this feature as part of their Enterprise Network plan to assign members to different groups for reporting and budgeting purposes. Irrespective of how workspaces are set up, Enterprise Network customers can use different billing groups to align with their different internal cost centers.

Setting up Billing Groups

Your Enterprise Transformation Managers or a support team member can set up your billing groups. Once set up, you can add, move, remove, or verify members for each group.

The Company Administrator can see detailed information about the current subscription of specific billing groups, including the billing group member list.

Each billing group contains:

  • Billing email

  • Next true-up date - True-ups are defined automatically every three months.

  • Contract start date

  • Contract end date

  • Members - Current MURAL members of that billing group (includes both actual and suggested)

  • Memberships - The number of membership licenses assigned to that billing group

Within a billing group, there are two tabs: Verified members and Organic members.

Verified members

Shows the list of members that have been added to the billing group.

Organic members (i.e. Suggested Members)

Shows suggested members to add to the billing group. While these are counted in the total members of that billing group, they are not technically in the billing group until they’re verified.

You can sort the billing group members by any field, or easily find members by using the search bar. Also, you can export the list as a CSV file.

Add Members to a Billing Group

Click on the “Add Members” button in any billing group and add members to that group via CSV upload or by entering individual email addresses.

If adding members using CSV, you will be notified how many members were added to the group as well as how many duplicate email addresses and invalid email addresses there were. You can download a report via CSV from the modal.

Also, you cannot move members using the add members function. You can only add members who are not yet in a billing group.

Please note that if you add a member to a billing group who is not yet signed up for MURAL, they will not be added to the billing group nor will they receive an invite to join MURAL. This functionality is expected in the future.

Remove Members from a Billing Group

Simply select member(s), click on the gear icon, and select the remove option. The member’s account will be immediately suspended when removed. Suspending a user will lock them out of their MURAL account. Their content is still available. The account can be restored by the company administrator.

Move Members Between Billing Groups

You can move members between billing groups by selecting member(s), clicking the gear icon, and selecting move. Then choose the new billing group.

A member can only be part of one billing group at a time.

Verify a Member as Part of a Billing Group

MURAL recommends ungrouped members to a billing group under the organic members tab. Click on the gear icon for organic members to verify that they are part of the billing group.

Ungrouped Members

Any member from a company who doesn’t join a workspace, or is not added directly to a billing group, will appear as an "Ungrouped Member." By definition, ungrouped members are company members that don't have an associated billing group. In this case, these are members that need to be evaluated to determine whether they 1) belong to one of the current billing groups/cost centers or 2) if a new billing group should be created for them, as they might belong to a different cost center. You can move these members to a billing group or contact your ETM or support if you'd like to set up a new billing group.

Billing groups are accessible to Company Administrators as part of the Company Dashboard in the Enterprise Network plan. You can access billing groups by clicking on your avatar in the lower left-hand corner and selecting, "Company Dashboard."

`Reactivate Suspended Users

Company admins can reactivate or reject reactivation requests from suspended members. Members who are suspended due to inactivity, removal from a billing group, or de-provisioning can alert their company admin from the suspended login page that they need to be reactivated, after which the admin will receive an email prompting them to reactivate or reject the pending request in billing groups.

The company administrator can reactivate the account and allocate that member to the appropriate billing group.

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