As part of an Enterprise Network plan, company members can collaborate across a network of workspaces. Consequently, billing can become more complicated to manage, especially across multiple cost centers.

What is a Billing Group?

A billing group is an entity at the company level. Company Administrators can use this feature as part of their Enterprise Network plan to identify different groups of members that are being paid for in a company. Irrespective of how workspaces are set up, Enterprise Network customers can use different billing groups to align with their different internal cost centers.

Setting up Billing Groups

Enterprise Transformation Managers working with specific customers can set up multiple billing groups inside a company and add users to each one, accordingly.

As a Company Administrator, you can view details of all billing groups within your company.

The Company Administrator can see detailed information about the current subscription of specific billing groups, including the billing group member list.

Each billing group contains:

  • Billing email
  • Next true-up date - True-ups are defined automatically every three months.
  • Subscription start date
  • Subscription end date
  • Members - Current MURAL members of that billing group
  • Memberships - The number of memberships assigned to that billing group

Within a billing group, there are two tabs that show how those members were added. The first one is "Added by admins," which refers to billing group members that were manually added by an Enterprise Transformation Manager at MURAL at the instruction of the Company Administrator. The second tab is "Organic growth," which includes additional collaborators within the company that interacted with members that were "Added by admins."

An example scenario: is the owner of the "MURAL" workspace and is in the "General" billing group as "Added by Admin." If the signs up and joins the "MURAL" workspace, they will be added as an "Organic growth" within the "General" billing group because is already in that billing group and is the owner of the workspace.

Company Administrators can sort the billing group members by any field, or easily find members by using the search bar. If they want to access billing group information offline, they can export the list as a CSV.

Ungrouped Members

Any member from a company who doesn’t join a workspace, or is not added directly to a billing group, will appear as an "Ungrouped Member." By definition, ungrouped members are company members that don't have an associated billing group. In this case, these are members that need to be evaluated to determine whether they 1) belong to one of the current billing groups/cost centers or 2) if a new billing group should be created for them, as they might belong to a different cost center. In order to make that decision, a "true-up" conversation occurs between MURAL and the company to ensure that memberships are organized correctly and aligned to the correct cost centers.

Billing groups are accessible to Company Administrators as part of the Company Dashboard in the Enterprise Network plan. You can access billing groups by clicking on your avatar in the lower left hand corner and selecting, "Company Dashboard."

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