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Eligibility for the MURAL Consultant Network
Eligibility for the MURAL Consultant Network
Learn if you are eligible for the MURAL Consultant Network Benefits
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If you are rendering services like Design Sprints, Design Thinking workshops, Agile Coaching or any other method to EXTERNAL CLIENTS you are a great candidate for the MURAL Consultant Network.

What if I work as a consultant for other teams within my company?

The MURAL Consultant Network is designed for consultancies and agencies that serve outside clients. If you work with clients inside your organization, please get in touch so that we can guide you on the best plan.

What if I work for an educational organization? 

We have another program for that! Learn more about MURAL for Education here.

Can I apply even if my colleagues are already part of the Consultant Network?

No need to do that, you can collaborate together in the same workspace. Learn how here.

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