Mural Consultant Network benefits
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Mural eliminates the chaos that results from traditional consultant-to-client work. The Mural Consultant Network is a specialized set of services that allow consultancies to quickly integrate Mural and scale innovation in their client engagements through:

  • Free Mural workspace with 10 members (for your team) + unlimited guest access (for your clients). Learn more about the types of users here.

  • Specialized training and support services. More info here.

  • Discounted member pricing beyond your free licenses. More info here.

  • Opportunity to showcase your work through blog posts, webinars, and events.

  • VIP pricing and treatment for your clients when they get a workspace. More info here

  • At this time, there is no expiration for Mural Consultant Network workspaces.

Am I eligible? See our requirements here.

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