Inviting collaborators in MURAL

AHow to invite teammates, guests, and visitors to your workspace, room, or mural

The real magic of MURAL begins when you invite your teammates to collaborate together. In this article, we'll show you how to invite collaborators and explain the different levels of access you can grant them.

There are a few ways to invite people to MURAL. See the articles below for more details on each method.

Invite and remove collaborators from a mural

Invite and remove collaborators from a room

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Guests in MURAL

Collaborator permissions in MURAL

When inviting others, you probably have ideas about what roles you'd like different teammates and participants to play.

MURAL has five different roles for collaborators, each with its own set of abilities.

  • Workspace admins manage the workspace.

  • Company admins manage company-wide settings.

  • Members are core team members or facilitators that have full collaboration access.

  • Guests are external stakeholders, partners, and clients outside of your company's domain. They have slightly restricted access.

  • Visitors are one-time collaborators with restricted access. If enabled, visitors will also be able to edit and add content to the mural anonymously (or with their name) in a mural without an account via the visitor share link.

* Company admins are only available for our Enterprise plan.

For more information on collaborator types, check out Types of collaborators in MURAL.

Now, you're ready to experience MURAL magic. ✨

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