The real magic of MURAL begins when you invite your teammates and collaborate together in a mural. Here we'll show you how to invite collaborators and explain the different levels of access you can grant them.

Invite people to a mural

To add collaborators to a mural, enter the mural and click the INVITE button up top. Next, add your invitees' email addresses and click Send Invites, or use one of the other three tabs provided:

Visitor Link
Want to invite someone outside your workspace to collaborate? Anyone who receives a Visitor Link can join the mural – without having to sign in or create an account.

You can start inviting named visitors. This new feature allows your visitors to identify themselves by name, for the duration of their session. This feature was rolled out for our Starter plan users back in July, and is now also available to Plus and Enterprise Network users.

Below the link and within the same tab, you can add a password or select the permissions attached to your Visitor Link before sending it out.

  • People who join with Edit permissions will be able to create and edit content in the mural just like members.

  • Those who join with View permissions won't be able to edit, but will see changes in real time and can follow and be followed.

If you'd like a copy of your mural as a .pdf, image, or .zip file, use the EXPORT tab to export your mural

Using the EMBED tab, you can also embed your mural by copying the code snippet from the Embed tab and pasting it into your website's HTML.

Invite people to a room

Enter the room and click the SHARE button at the top. Invite collaborators to the room by entering their email addresses in the first text box:

Alternatively, copy the invite link provided and share it with your collaborators in an email or chat. They'll be able to join your room and see all murals inside it.

Invite people to a workspace

If you're a workspace admin, you can also add collaborators to your entire workspace, where they'll be able to create rooms and murals of their own.

From the dashboard, click on the workspace name in the upper left corner. If you have admin permissions, you'll see a Invite people to workspace option. Alternatively, you can click Manage workspace and then click Invite people in the left side menu.

Just as with the two previous invitation methods, you have the option of copying and sending an invitation link, or entering email addresses and sending invitations directly from MURAL.

Permissions - who can do what?

When inviting others, you probably have ideas about what roles you'd like different teammates and participants to play.

MURAL has four different roles for collaborators, each with its own set of abilities:

When a guest is inactive

On your Enterprise, Plus, MCN, or EDU account, you may have guests who haven't used the app in the past 14 days. Those guests become inactive and do not count towards your limit.

As an admin, it’s easy to convert inactive guests to active guests or members, and vice/versa. Here's how:

Now you're ready to get a team around your big tasks safely and securely, and experience MURAL magic.

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