If you're tired of uploading each mural to your Touchscreen Display one by one, then you can upload the room where they're located instead!

*Specifications: You can not send a room to your Touchscreen display on our Free plan.

How to do this:

  • Enter your room and click on the arrow next to its name on the top left corner of the dashboard and select "Send to Touchscreen Display".

  • Once you do that, you'll get a pop-up where you can input the code that shows up on your touchscreen display.

  • Type in the code and press "Push room".

  • You're done!

Once the Room is pushed, the Touchscreen display will load the Room View.

If any new murals have been added to the Room, then you can refresh the view from the icon on the top right corner of the display:

You can exit the Room and access other murals or rooms by clicking the arrow located on the top left corner of the display. This will take you to a screen that contains all the recently pushed Murals and Rooms.

Now you can easily access all of your murals from your display a lot more efficiently!

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