Learning how to use a new tool can be challenging. Here are some tips to get up and running when collaborating on the touch-friendly Windows 10 app. 


The touchscreen essentially works like a giant iPad. You navigate the canvas on the screen with your fingers, by:

  • Sliding your finger across the screen to pan around

  • Pinch with two fingers to zoom in and out

Selecting the Move button will put you into 'move mode'. In this mode you won't accidentally edit or move around any content. (Beware you also can't add any content or draw in this mode)


To add a sticky note:

  • Double tap anywhere on the canvas to bring up a sticky note

  • You can also drag one in from the sticky note icon in the side bar

Add other content such as text boxes, shapes, icons, images from the web and frameworks by tapping the Add button in the side bar:


Double tap on a sticky note to add content
You can then add content by either writing with the pen, or by typing using the on-screen keyboard that pops up.
Change between these modes by tapping on Switch to text or Switch to draw.

Finally press Done or tap anywhere next to the sticky note to go out of edit mode.

Single tap on a sticky note to edit
The below menu will pop up where you can change for example:

  • Change the color of the sticky note at Background Color

  • Lock sticky note to the background using Lock in the drop down menu.

Change the size of any element by dragging the blue dot on the bottom right corner of the element:


At any point you can draw on the canvas using one of the styluses if your screen has them.

To draw using your fingers select the Draw button from the bottom toolbar.
You can there also change the stroke size and Color, as well as select the Eraser.

TIP: When drawing or writing directly over a sticky note, this will automatically get absorbed by the sticky note. So no need to double tap on it.


To undo any action on the canvas you can use the Undo button in the bottom toolbar.

To go into full screen press the Expand button in either the left of right bottom corner of the screen. All toolbars will disappear, but you will still be able to draw using the stylus and add sticky notes by double tapping.

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