Summon collaborators in a mural
Direct the attention of all collaborators in a mural by summoning them to your location on the canvas.
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One of Mural’s Facilitator Superpowers® is the ability to summon others in your mural to your location on the canvas. The summon feature is useful because it immediately brings everyone else in your mural to you so they can see what you’re seeing.

Note: The summon feature is part of Mural’s suite of Facilitation Superpowers, so only facilitators in a mural can use it.

To summon collaborators:

  1. Click your avatar at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Click Summon.

Now, all of your participants are seeing exactly what you’re seeing. They’ll still be able to navigate away from this if they need to, but they will follow your view until they move on their own.

If you don’t want collaborators to drift from your view, you can lock them onto your position by selecting Take control after activating the summon feature. Then, once you’re ready, click Release them to let them move freely around the mural.

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