As a facilitator, you can direct collaborators through activities with the summon feature. As soon as you summon, collaborators will be exactly where you are on the canvas, like magic. 🧙 🪄

For extra facilitation, you can lock their screens to your view with take control - collaborators can’t break away or add and edit content unless a facilitator releases them. This enables fewer distractions and more engagement!


  • You must be a facilitator in the mural to have access to this feature. Regular collaborators can access the follow feature.

  • Collaborators can break away from summon by simply moving around, unless you select the take control feature.

  • Summon won’t appear unless there are other participants in a mural.

To summon participants:

  1. Click on your avatar at the bottom of the mural.

  2. Select Summon everyone.

  3. To make sure collaborators can’t break away from Summon, click Take control at the top of the mural.

  4. When you’re ready to let go, click Release them.

Now you can make sure people stay present and distraction-free during sessions.

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