Confidential rooms are available upon request for enterprise customers. They are best for information that you do not wish to share with many people outside of your core team.

The difference between a confidential room/mural and a private room/mural is that a share link cannot be generated for any content within a confidential room. Meaning that collaborators would have to be explicitly invited to a room or mural by email. Only private rooms can be made confidential!

Confidential rooms have the following restrictions:

  • You can only invite people via email and not via invitation link

  • Confidential rooms can not be turned into private or open rooms

  • Confidential rooms can only be created, an existing room can not be made confidential

  • You can not move nor duplicate murals outside of a confidential room

  • You can not move a confidential room to another workspace

  • You can not duplicate a confidential room

  • Murals placed in confidential rooms can not be published as templates

Here's how to create a confidential room: 

  1. Click on the plus icon next to 'private rooms'

  2. Select the name of your room and then check the checkbox that says "make this room confidential"

  3. Create room

Here's how to make a confidential mural:

  1.  Select 'create new mural'

  2. Select from either a template or a blank mural.

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