Collaboration is the heart of MURAL, but sometimes you need to keep that collaboration to just a few people. To help with that, MURAL offers Enterprise plan customers confidential rooms.


What are confidential rooms?

Confidential rooms are the same as private rooms but they take security a bit further. Here’s how:

  • Confidential rooms can’t be duplicated.

  • Murals in a confidential room can’t be moved or duplicated outside of that room.

  • Murals published in confidential rooms can’t be published as templates.

  • Confidential rooms can’t be moved to a workspace other than where they were created.

  • Confidential rooms can only be created—you can’t make an existing room confidential.

  • Confidential rooms can’t be turned into private or open rooms.

  • Invite links for murals in a confidential room only grant access to existing workspace members. The invite links don’t grant access to any visitors, guests, or any members not already part of the workspace.

So, if you want to lock down content and collaboration, confidential rooms are your answer!

Note: Confidential rooms are only available as part of MURAL’s Enterprise plan.

Create a confidential room

Keep in mind that confidential rooms must be created from scratch. So, you can’t turn an existing room into a confidential room.

To create a confidential room:

  1. From the home page, click the plus icon next to Private rooms.

  2. Type a Room name.

  3. Select the Make this room confidential checkbox.

  4. Type a Room description (optional).

  5. Click Create room.

You’re then taken to your new ultra-top-secret confidential room. You’ll see a lock next to the room’s name at the top of the screen as well as in the left-hand sidebar. When you create murals in this room, you can easily tell they’re part of your confidential room in two ways:

  • A Confidential lock icon shows to the left of the mural name.

  • A banner that reads “This mural is confidential. Invitations can be sent by email only.” on the mural’s share modal.

Best practices

While confidential rooms are already a secure option, there are some best practices you can encourage amongst your collaborators to increase security even further.

From the Room members page, you can remove members’ ability to invite people to the room. You can remove this permission by deselecting the Invite people box on the Room members page.

Note: Even if the Duplicate this room setting is selected on this page, confidential rooms cannot be duplicated.

For more on member permissions, see our article on managing room members.

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