Using the following integrations you can make your MURAL experience easier and more cohesive with your every day work.

  1. Integrate Microsoft Teams: With our Microsoft Teams integration, easily jump between talking with your colleagues in Teams and collaborating visually in MURAL.
  2. Integrate Slack: With our Slack integration, you can see all activity in one place. You'll see when someone makes a comment, when someone joins, and when you get invited to a mural, room or workspace.
  3. Upload files from Dropbox or your Computer: With our Dropbox integration you can import your files to MURAL even faster. Don't use Dropbox? Don't worry! You can import content stored in your computer just as fast from your desktop.
  4. Integrate GitHub: With our GitHub integration, easily create GitHub issues directly from text elements.
  5. Integrate Jira: With our Jira integration, easily create JIRA issues directly from sticky notes and text boxes in your murals.
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