Smart Inking

Drawing on a canvas greatly enhances the MURAL user experiences. Here we have created a new and seamless way to draw on Windows 10 devices. 

The user will be able to find a drawing mode toggle at the bottom bar, next to the other drawing options.

When tapped, you will get . (Notice that Smart Draw needs to be enabled in the Labs menu. More on this later).

Depending on which option you choose, drawing with the pen will do different things in each mode.

Free Inking

This is the default mode. When enabled, the user will be able to draw freely in the mural, as they would do in a real whiteboard. There won’t be any popping toolbar to interrupt you.

Auto Shape

When this mode is enabled, any drawing that resembles a shape (circle and rectangles, for now) or a connector, will automatically be switched to that element. If you draw an end and/or a start arrow, the app will try to interpret it as a different kind of connector. 

Smart Text

If you want to create titles, you can select this mode and draw the desired word or phrase. A popup will show up with recommended options. Once you choose one and taps on it, the drawing will transform into a full title element.

Smart Draw

When brainstorming ideas, you can select the Smart Draw option. When enabled, you will be able to draw a figure or object and a popup will appear with recommended doodles. If you select any, the drawing will be replaced by an inking element. This element can be edited like any other drawing in the mural: you will be able to scale it, erase parts of it or change its color.

For Smart Draw you need to enable it in Settings
Gear Icon > About this device > Labs

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