The collaborator cheat sheet is built for new users, making it easier for them to get going in MURAL especially for those who have never used the product. It also gives organizers more time to prepare their sessions without having to explain how to use the product. This helps train newcomers on the fly!

The "cheat sheet" for collaborators will appear the first time they enter a mural, it applies to both members invited via email or

The cheat sheet gives instructions on how to do the basics in MURAL: adding and editing sticky notes and text boxes, adding links and images, and navigating the mural. 

When the user first enters the mural, they’ll see an overlay and an educational callout that points out the cheat sheet before they jump into the mural. You can also access the collaborator cheat sheet at any time.

Here's how: 

1.  Click on the question mark on the upper right hand corner.
2. Select "See Getting Started Guide" 

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