Re-finding work is something that can take up a large part of our work day. To make your working hours more efficient, you can favorite the murals you frequently use, and access them right under your recently opened murals on your murals dashboard.

*Specifications: Private rooms are not available on our Free plan and are available on our Team+, Business and Enterprise plans.

To add a mural to this section:

  1. Find the star in the top left corner of the mural thumbnail.

  2. Click the star so that it turns black.

  3. Find it in the 'Favorite murals' section. Note that the order of murals in this section will show the most recently updated first, and that archived murals will still remain in your favorites section, although they will be read only.

  4. To unfavorite, just click on the star again.

To favorite a room: Hover over the space to the left of the room name and select the star or click on the arrow next to the room name and select Star Room.

Your favorite rooms will show up at the top of your Private Rooms or Open Rooms lists.

You can unfavorite the room by clicking on the star again or within the drop down menu.

Zip through your work at a faster pace now that you can easily find your content.

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