Welcome to MURAL! You've just made an account and now you're unsure what to do next. Rather than starting a new workspace, check out your company's existing workspaces to see if your team is already collaborating together.

After confirming your email, you will see a list of your company's workspaces appear. Some will allow you to join instantly while others will send a request to the admin. 

Be sure to read the descriptions and take a look at the admins to make sure you are joining the right workspaces.

Can't find your team's workspace? Click on "Find more..." to search workspaces by name.

Once you've joined a workspace, you can always find more workspaces from your domain in the Workspace tab of your Account settings.  


Workspace admins can decide if the workspace is discoverable by going into Workspace settings.

  1. Click on the workspace name in the top left corner to choose the workspace you would like to administer.

  2. Click on the workspace name and select "Manage Workspace Name"

  3. Scroll down to "Join Workspace permissions" and choose between invitation only or a workspace where users within your domain can join automatically

In Workspace settings, you can also find membership requests. After you approve a request, the user will be notified that they have been added into the workspace.

Spend less time trying to find the right people to invite you into a workspace and start collaborating immediately. 

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