Here's how to delete your account. We hope you don’t need this one. If you just want to cancel your subscription and switch to our free plan, check out the following article.

  1. Click on your name in the bottom left corner and select Profile Settings

  2. Scroll down and select Delete your account

Please take a moment before deleting your account to tell us why you are leaving. We really appreciate your feedback and would like to hear your thoughts in order to improve the product.

* Specifications: If you are the only admin in your Workspaces, you will be prompted to assign a new admin and transfer all your content to them via e-mail.

You can also assign new admins ahead of time under your Workspace member settings.

If you don't want to lose your murals, you can cancel your subscription instead. The workspace will be "resting," until you choose to reactivate your account. All your murals will be just as you left them!

The following article describes how to delete a workspace. If you delete your account or your workspace, there is no way to retrieve your lost content.

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