MURAL is a cloud-based application that gives all collaborators an independent view of the mural. You could be looking at the lower right corner while your colleagues is working in the upper left.

It's possible, however, have the same view of a mural. The "Follow Me" feature is very useful to present parts of a mural to your collaborators.

Here's how:

  1. To start following a collaborator, just click on their avatar.

  • Or, click on the "Follow me" notification if someone asked you to follow them.

To ask others to follow you, click on your avatar and pick "Follow me".

*Note: To stop following a collaborator, just zoom or pan with your mouse or trackpad and this will automatically unfollow.

If you want to see who's following you, you can hover your mouse over the colored text box in the top left corner. This will open a list of the names of all the collaborators who are following you.

**PRO TIP: Users invited to both "Edit" and "View only" can follow and be followed by others.

To do this on a mobile device:

Shown here on the iPad.


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