One of the greatest experiences in a mural is to have several collaborators at once. Everyone can be in their very own place on the canvas.

However, it's possible to have the same view as others! Meaning, you can see the part of the canvas that they're interacting with at the same time. You can either follow someone or ask to be followed.



  • Visitors with can view (view-only) or can edit permissions can follow and ask to be followed.

  • Facilitators can take extra control with the summon feature.

Follow collaborators

Following collaborators is easy. When you follow a collaborator, you’ll go exactly where others are on the canvas.

To follow a collaborator:

  1. Click the collaborator's avatar on the bottom center of the mural and your view will travel directly where they are on the canvas.

  2. You can stop following by simply moving your mouse or trackpad, or click Stop following at the top of the mural.

Ask others to follow you

If you want others to come where you are on the canvas, you can ask them to follow you. They’ll have the option to tag along wherever you are.

To ask others to follow you:

  1. Click on your avatar on the bottom center of the mural

  2. Select Ask to be followed.

Select Release them on the top of the mural, so collaborators stop following you.

When you or someone else asks to be followed, a pop-up message will appear with the collaborator's name and a Follow button. Click the Follow button and you’ll go where they are on the screen.

*Note: To stop following a collaborator, just move away from them on the canvas.

To see who's following you, hover over the colored text box in the top left corner. This shows the names of all the collaborators following you.

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