Go beyond the toolbar to customize your mural faster.

Want to do something with your content that you don't see listed in the toolbar? Right-click (or Command-click on a Mac) on any element to open up a context menu for more options. This context menu differs based on the element, but there are some features that are universal.

When you right-click on an element, you'll see a menu appear with the following options:

  • 'See info' to discover who made an element and when it was last edited

  • 'Show Link' to generate a shareable link to that particular element

  • 'Add comment' to add a comment linked directly to an element

  • 'Bring to front' + 'Send to back' to change the order of elements relative to the background

  • 'Duplicate' to create a copy of an element

  • 'Lock' to limit other participants from moving an element without unlocking it

  • 'Edit' to change the specification of an element

  • 'Unlock' if an element is locked, or 'Unlock all' of the locked elements

  • 'Save to Dropbox' if you've selected an image, or you've marquee-selected content that contains images

  • 'Download image' - only when just images are selected

  • 'Copy as text' - only when just text is selected

  • 'Send to GitHub'

  • 'Delete' to remove the element from the mural

When you click on a blank area in the mural, you'll see a separate menu:

  • 'Add Sticky Note'

  • 'Add Title'

  • 'Add Comment'

  • 'Add Area'

  • 'Undo'

  • 'Upload files' for adding files from your computer or Dropbox

  • 'Paste'

These contextual menus allow you to add and edit content quickly, and then continue on making cool stuff!

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